METRIX measuring instruments for predictive, preventive or corrective maintenance

Portable oscilloscopes with isolated channels are ideal tools for these operations. These multi-function instruments combine the advantages of a digital oscilloscope, a multi-channel multimeter, a harmonic and FFT analyser and a logger. In addition, the bus analyser oscilloscopes can be used to check the transmission status of the signals exchanged between the systems via a bus.

Applications Elevator Maintenance

Elevator Maintenance with an Oscilloscope

Applications Maintenance and decoding of field BUSES

Today, most of the electrical appliances that we use include internal electronics.

Applications Analysing the Recorder mode data

Processing of Scopix data In Recorder mode

Products Categories
OX 5022 Portable oscilloscope
OX 7042 Portable oscilloscope
OX 7204 BUS Portable oscilloscope
OX 7062 Portable oscilloscope
OX 7202 BUS Portable oscilloscope
OX 7102 Portable oscilloscope
OX 7104 Portable oscilloscope
OX 7204 Portable oscilloscope
OX 7202 Portable oscilloscope
OX 5042 Portable oscilloscope
OXi 6204 Benchtop oscilloscope


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