Metrix® offers engineers and lab technicians a large choice of measuring instruments, with a focus on effectiveness and accuracy. From the design phase through to qualification tests, from electronics to computing, as well as for process control, it proposes a wide range of measuring instruments: oscilloscopes, function generators, spectrum analyser, etc. From the simplest to the most complex, from single-function testers to multi-application instruments, find out how to use them.

Applications How to adjust your digital oscilloscope?

This Case Study focuses on 2-channel digital oscilloscopes (DSO) because they represent most of the oscilloscopes on the market

Applications RS 232 Link & MODBUS Protocol

Checking the Quality of Fieldbus Signals

Products Categories
OX 7104 Portable oscilloscope
OX 7204 Portable oscilloscope
OX 7202 BUS Portable oscilloscope
OX 7204 BUS Portable oscilloscope
OX 9304 Portable oscilloscope
OX 9104 Portable oscilloscope
DOX 3104 Benchtop oscilloscope
DOX 2025B Benchtop oscilloscope
DOX 3304 Benchtop oscilloscope
OX 6062B Benchtop oscilloscope
OX 6202B Benchtop oscilloscope
OXi 6204 Benchtop oscilloscope
DOX 2100B Benchtop oscilloscope
DOX2070B Benchtop oscilloscope
MTX 1052 Analyser oscilloscopes with remote interface
MTX 112 Analyser oscilloscopes with remote interface
MTX 162 Analyser oscilloscopes with remote interface
MTX 1054 Analyser oscilloscopes with remote interface
OX 530 Benchtop analogue oscilloscopes
OX 71 Benchtop analogue oscilloscopes
OX 803B Benchtop analogue oscilloscopes


Selection guide

Find the right instrument for your needs! For analog oscilloscopes, it's here

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