From middle school through to higher education and from electronics to electrical engineering, METRIX proposes a wide range of measuring instruments, from the most simple for initial training through to the most complex, only encountered by students when they start working professionally.
Drawing on its close, privileged ties with the French National Education system, the Chauvin Arnoux Group supports the players in education by participating in a large number of events every year and by publishing the French-language review "Les Cahiers de l’Instrumentation". This magazine dedicated to measurement proposes news, practical exercises, teaching packages, etc.

Products Categories
OX 7104 Portable oscilloscope
OX 7202 Portable oscilloscope
OX 7204 BUS Portable oscilloscope
DOX 3104 Benchtop oscilloscope
DOX 3304 Benchtop oscilloscope
OX 6202B Benchtop oscilloscope
OXi 6204 Benchtop oscilloscope
DOX 2100B Benchtop oscilloscope
DOX2070B Benchtop oscilloscope
MTX 1052 Analyser oscilloscopes with remote interface
MTX 162 Analyser oscilloscopes with remote interface
MTX 112 Analyser oscilloscopes with remote interface
OX 530 Benchtop analogue oscilloscopes
OX 71 Benchtop analogue oscilloscopes
OX 803B Benchtop analogue oscilloscopes


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