Harmonic analyser

Harmonic analyser of HANDSCOPE
Handscope oscilloscopes offer quick, simple harmonic analysis on 2 channels simultaneously up to the 31st order.
  • Fundamental frequency from 40 to 450 Hz (This function helps to improve analysis performance, particularly when the level of a harmonic order is greater than the level of the fundamental)
  • Simultaneous measurement of total VRMS, THD and selected order
Harmonic analyser of SCOPIX
2 or 4-channel Harmonic Analyser
Harmonic analysis can be performed up to the 61st order to meet the requirements of the  EN 50160 standard (THD on at least 50 orders), with a fundamental frequency between 40 and 450 Hz.
  • Simultaneous view of the harmonic analyses on 2 or 4 channels, depending on the SCOPIX model.
  • Permanent display of the total RMS and THD values and the characteristics of the order selected ( %F, phase, frequency, VRMS ).
It is possible to preselect the frequency of the fundamental for the standards (50 Hz, 60 Hz and 400 Hz).
This function can be used to improve performance during analysis, particularly by allowing measurement when the level of a harmonic order is greater than the fundamental.
Power & Harmonics
In Analyser mode, it is now possible to analyse the harmonics on the single-phase apparent power, in particular for motor diagnostics.
It also measures up to the 61st order, making it ideal for compliance with the EN 50160 standard (minimum required: 50th order).
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