Field bus integrity testing

Field bus integrity testing with SCOPIX BUS 
Maintenance of all the field buses is optimized with more than 14 bus protocols analysed: AS-I,DALI, CAN, KNX,ETHERNET, FLEXRAY, LIN, PROFIBUS, RS232, RS485, etc.
3 simple steps and 4 dedicated keys for bus analysis are all you need to:
  1. Choose the Bus and the associated standard
  2. Analyse the bus in steps: measurement visible on screen and Global Rating
  3. Display the Eye diagram
Use and analysis are very simple thanks to:
  • Visual help with the steps, the global rating and each of the tests in colour and in pictograms in relation to the tolerance in the standard.  
  • Help for connection with a reminder of the input channels and the mounting diagrams for each bus
  • Help for connection to the field buses by means of boards equipped with SUBD9, RJ45 or M12 connectors or an 8-wire screw connector
  • Help for diagnostics in the operating manual and the booklet describing the buses according to the standards
The eye diagram offers visual diagnostics to check and assess the transmission quality of a digital bus.
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