Technological advances & patented inventions
  1. 1936

    In 1936, a small company called CARTEX was founded, enjoying significant growth with the post-war economic turnaround.

  2. 1946

    CARTEX changed its name to become the "Compagnie Générale de Métrologie" (general metrology company), subsequently marketing its products under the METRIX®brand name.

  3. 1948

    The company's offering quickly expanded, with the development of the "electro-clamp", which can be used to test the voltage without disconnection or to measure high currents one-handed, followed by the production of oscilloscopes.

  4. 1950

    It was the launch of the MX 460 and, above all, the MX 462 which really made the name of the METRIX® brand as the generic term for a multimeter in French and helped to boost the company's growth.

  5. 1964

    Based in Annecy (France), the company continued to grow and contribute to local economic prosperity, but the success of METRIX® and its measurement expertise attracted the attention of major industrial companies, leading ITT International (International Telegraph and Telephone) to purchase the company and merge it with its Instrumentation Division to develop analogue and digital multimeters.

  6. 1997

    With the evolution of the instrumentation market, the spread of computing, offering new potential, the rise of cross-border competition and the changing technological and standardization requirements, METRIX joined the CHAUVIN ARNOUX Group.

  7. Launch of the SCOPIX® family of portable Metrix oscilloscopes with isolated channels.

  8. 2006

    Launch of the METRIX OX 6000 Series oscilloscopes.

  9. 2007 

    5 new IP67 multimeters for difficult environments, including the ATEX-certified MX 57ex.

  10. 2012

    Launch of the smallest on-site oscilloscope on the market: the HandScope.

  11. 2014 

    The 1st multimeters with graphical colour screens

  12. 2017

    The new generation of multi-function portable oscilloscopes with optimized ergonomics

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