OX 5022 portable digital oscilloscope

OX 5022 - Portable oscilloscope

Portable oscilloscope with 2 isolated channels, 600 V CAT III, 20 MHz bandwidth, 2 GS/s  ETS, double 8,000-count multimeter with power measurements, 31-order harmonics with 40 to 450 Hz...


The shockproof, IP54, HANDSCOPE OX 5022 oscilloscope fits comfortably in one hand.
This ergonomic instrument is also equipped with a TFT colour screen and LED backlighting for precise data display. To make it simpler to use, intuitive pictograms and integrated multilingual help are available at all times.

The HANDSCOPE combines 3 measuring instruments in 1 on 2 channels:
- 20 MHz oscilloscope with 2 totally-isolated 600 V CAT III channels - 20 MHz bandwidth – 2 GS/s - 5 mV to 200 V/div and 25 ns to 200 s/div
- Independent 8,000-count multimeter with power measurements,
- Built-in 31-order harmonic analyser (fundamental between 40 and 450 Hz).

2 MB are available for recording data and, in multimeter mode, it is possible to store graphic recordings of 2,700 measurements (5 min to 1 month).
Isolated USB communication with the SCPI protocol is available. This makes it simple to program the instrument remotely with the SX-METRO software.

These products have been developed using an Eco-Design approach to reduce their environmental impact.

Oscilloscopes :

Oscilloscope analogique à tube cathodique


Oscilloscope multimètre et analyseur de puissance :

Mode multimètre des oscilloscopes numériques 

Multimètre TRMS 2 ou 4 voies 
Mesures classiques :
  • Amplitude (tension et courant continus ou...

    Communication :

    Analyseur d'harmoniques : ANALYSEUR D'HARMONIQUES du HANDSCOPE
    Simple et rapide, l’analyse d’harmoniques des oscilloscopes Handscope s’effectue simultanément sur 2 voies jusqu’au rang...

Specifications : Portable oscilloscope  
No. of channels
IEC61010 safety CATII 1000V/CATIII 600V
Repetitive mode 2 Gé/s
Vertical resolution 9 bits
Analogue display or equivalent
Detection of transients (Glitch) >20 ns
Scaling/physical unit •/•
Max. input sensitivity 5mVdiv
Max. input amplitude 200V/div
Analogue filter 1.5MHz, 5kHz
Time base (per division) 25ns-200s
Roll mode / XY mode •/•
Memory depth 2,5k/voie 2Mo mémoire
No. of reference or math curves on screen 2
Envelope/Averaging modes •/•
SPO (Smart Persistence Oscilloscope) -
Automatic measurements/Cursors 20/•
Pulse trigger width/number -
Video trigger (line counter) -
Trigger on measurement & Automatic backup -
Adjustable Hold-Off / delay -
Advanced + - / x / : / calculation functions •/•/•
Autoset with channel selection X
Spectral analysis and FFT Lin & Log -
PC / Ethernet communication •/-
Ethernet 10Mb + Web server -
Mains power supply/battery •/•
Oscilloscope 2 VOIES
Multimeter 2 voies
TRMS multimeters 50Khz
Threshold recorders (no. of channels)
Harmonics 31 rangs
Network analyser
Communication USB isolé
Colour LCD / B&W / Tube screen •/-/-
100% software calibration with "casing closed" X
ScopeNet PC web server/ANDROID app -


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