MTX 162 usb oscilloscope

MTX 162 - Analyser oscilloscopes with remote interface

The compact MTX 162UE (SCOPEin@BOX) is equipped with 2 non-isolated input channels (300 V CAT II) and a bandwidth of 60 MHz, as well as USB/Ethernet or Wifi communication.


The compact MTX 162UE is equipped with 2 non-isolated input channels (300 V CAT II) and a bandwidth of 60 MHz. This oscilloscope with a remote screen offers full performance features with the PC or Windows 8 software SCOPEin@BOX_LE.
It includes a 2-channel real-time FFT analyser and a recorder.
When coupled to the MTX1032-B unit, it offers 600 V CAT III differential inputs.
This oscilloscope with a double time base can be used to display two 2,500-point windows simultaneously.
Because it is digital oscilloscope with analogue persistence, it offers two display modes: normal or remanent (analogue-type trace).
The MTX 162UE has a memory depth of 50,000 points and a wide sensitivity range from 5 mV/div to 100 V/div.
Simple and effective, it includes selectable vertical and horizontal Autorange functions, 19 simultaneous automatic measurements and manual cursors.
The sampling rate is 20 GS/s in repetitive mode and 50 MS/s in one-shot mode.
For communication, it has a USB port with automatic detection of the instruments connected to the PC and an ETHERNET port with instruments available on the Scope Admin network.
The MTX 162UEW model also offers integrated WiFi communication on the oscilloscope.

Oscilloscopes :

Oscilloscope analogique à tube cathodique


Enregistreur :

Un véritable enregistreur numérique rapide 
Pour la surveillance dans le temps des variations de phénomènes physiques ou mécaniques, l'enregistreur autorise des vitesses...

Communication :

Analyseur FFT : Le mode Analyseur FFT permet d'effectuer des mesures précises des raies de fréquence, des niveaux, des atténuations. Certains modèles profitent d'une dynamique de 80 dB autorisée par la conversion 12...

Specifications : Analyser oscilloscopes with remote interface  
No. of channels
IEC61010 safety CATII 600V
Repetitive mode 20Gé/s
Vertical resolution 8 bits
Analogue display or equivalent
Detection of transients (Glitch) -
Scaling/physical unit -/-
Max. input sensitivity 5mV/div
Max. input amplitude 100V/div
Analogue filter 15MHz, 1.5MHz, 5kHz
Time base (per division) 5ns-100s
Roll mode / XY mode •/•
Memory depth
No. of reference or math curves on screen 4
Envelope/Averaging modes •/•
SPO (Smart Persistence Oscilloscope) -
Automatic measurements/Cursors 19/•
Pulse trigger width/number -
Video trigger (line counter) -
Trigger on measurement & Automatic backup -
Adjustable Hold-Off / delay -/•
Advanced + - / x / : / calculation functions •/•/•/-
Autoset with channel selection X
Spectral analysis and FFT Lin & Log 8 bits / 48 dB
PC / Ethernet communication •/-
Ethernet 10Mb + Web server -
Mains power supply/battery •/-
TRMS multimeters -
Threshold recorders (no. of channels)
Harmonics -
Network analyser
Colour LCD / B&W / Tube screen Ecran du PC
100% software calibration with "casing closed" X
ScopeNet PC web server/ANDROID app -


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