Software oscilloscope

SX Metro

Designed for Metrix digital oscilloscopes, SX-METRO can be used to:

  • acquire, record and process the curves from the oscilloscope;
  • import screenshots;
  • save or restore configurations ;
  • view the curves in real time;
  • communicate with the oscilloscope via an RS232 serial link or TCP/IP network;
  • transfer the data into Excel or into a texte file;
  • perform mathematical processing such as FFT of the signal viewed (windowing, enlargement of the result, Y scale of the FFT in Volt or dB, measurements by markers).


- OX5022, OX5042,
- MTX162, MTX1052, MTX1054,
- MTX3252, MTX3352,
- MTX3354,
- OX7042, OX7062, OX7102, OX7104, OX7202, OX7204,
- OX6062, OX6152, OX6202, 
- OX2000, OX5100,
- OX8100, OX8050, OX8040, OX8062, OX8042,
- OX8620, OX8627, OX8020, OX8027, OX8032, OX8022.
- OXI6204 

Version in 5 languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Italian.


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